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Gastrostudent launches subscription recipe box for university students

Gastrostudent has launched subscription recipe box for university students across the UK.

Our mission is simple: re-imagine food for university students. 

Gastrostudent has been designed to solve a number of problems which most students face when moving away to university. 

Learning to Cook

You might be surprised to hear that a lot of students cannot cook themselves a meal (so if that is you, don't worry- you're not alone). According to a study carried out by student accommodation group Liberty Living

-300,000+ university students across the UK do not know how to cook beans on toast 

-250,000 students revealed they can't cook pasta

-33% of students interviewed wouldn't feel confident boiling an egg 

Gastrostudent has been designed for university students of all cooking abilities. Each recipe can be selected based on 'easy, medium or hard' cooking level, depending on your confidence in the kitchen.

In addition, our easy-to-follow recipe cards use images and step-by-step instructions to help show exactly what should be done at each stage. You'll be cooking like a pro for all of your flatmates in no time!

Planning Meals

Sometimes it's difficult knowing what to eat. I mean, how many times can you eat beans on toast in a week before feeling a little numb? And then there are dietaries. Sometimes having the same food can be a bit boring- particularly if you're a foodie at heart!

Here at Gastrostudent, we're launching with a range of meals which offers something for most students looking to up their food game. 

Select your lifestyle goal and from this you'll be able to select a range of meals to help you achieve your goals. (For example: Athletic meals have been created to incorporate high protein foods with slow releasing carbohydrates to support muscle development and recovery) 

You can choose up to 5 meals and your weekly breakfast option in one recipe box. 

50+ tasty launch recipes, with more to follow every month! So there will be something for everyone (and if you have a request, feel free to drop us a DM or email us and we'll see if it's something that we could offer in our boxes in the near future).

Finding time to go shopping

**Phone alarm going off** So you wake up with a bit of a hangover from the heavy night out before. Get up, put some clothes on, half pack your bag and get to uni for your 9am lecture. The lecture feels like it drags on, and you eat your first meal at lunch. Afternoon seminars. Get back home for 4pm, feeling tired but decide it's time to go out and party again tonight....after some assignment work.

Uni life is fast paced. Where does shopping fit into it?

Gastrostudent solves this. Our recipe boxes are available on a flexible subscription based service- weekly, every 2nd week, monthly, or as a one-off purchase. You create your box and we'll schedule the delivery for the following week. Fresh ingredients delivered straight to your door. Easy, right?


We have designed the Gastrostudent recipe boxes to be as student friendly as possible- and that is reflected in the price. 

A typical student spends £30.00 on grocery shopping per week plus £15 per week on takeaways. That's a total of £45. 

With Gastrostudent, pricing starts at £28.75 for 5 meals and your weekly breakfast option, which we think delivers great value for money. 

We also know that sometimes budgeting can be an issue. It may be towards the end of the student loan period, or perhaps you haven't yet been paid from work. So, we have teamed up with a number of payment providers who offer interest free and no fees on flexible payments. With Klarna you have the option to purchase a recipe box and pay in 3 interest-free payments.  

There's a solution for everyone.


Exciting times ahead

Covid has driven consumers to shop online more than ever. Gastrostudent has embraced e-commerce and combined our love of food to come up with our unique offering to university students across the UK. 

Join Team Gastrostudent on our adventure to re-imagine food for university students 

Uni food just got serious

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